LED Lighting

LED is mercury free not like compact fluorescent light bulbs. Also, night area lighting and several lighting applications are available. More and more are getting on the market almost daily, use less power over fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, and halide to name a few. A new fixture that just came out is an 18-watt usage led which replaces a 70-watt high-pressure sodium or other luminous level lighting, thus 52 watts less!! A huge difference in the power consumption! LED lighting which is also available on a dimmer. Average can light uses 100 watts, led fixtures use 12-watts each, all led lighting runs cool, thus saves on the summer air conditioning bill as well!

LED lighting for both home and commercial applications

Available are, cing can style retrofit which only consumes 12 watts of power each fixture compared to an average of incandescent 100 watts to 150 watts, incandescent run very hot, LED run very COOL, can be installed on dimmers, last an average of 50,000 hours, an average of 6 hours per day would be around 20 YEARS of life!! Also drastically reduces the air conditioning bill as well as the electric bill, thus save all around HUGE!! Other LED fixtures available include:

  • Under counter strips, even round adjustable heads, which can be daisy-chained together to 1- electric plug-in area;
  • Room parimeter decor to light up around the room ceiling area, also can be daisy chained; and
  • Bulbs are now slowly coming out as well.

These items are all non mercury thus very GREEN friendly in all ways and they last much longer than compact fluorescent now replacements of incandescent, compacts do have mercury, any fluorescent will have, these do not in anyway.

We also provides LED lighting services for:

– Changing Signs
– Night Lights for Luminating Signs
– Flood Style
Night Lights for Aluminating Signs
Luminating Flags
Exterior Decor
Landscape Luminations

Not seeing what you need? Feel free to contact us. We can help with your home or commercial LED lighting projects, repairs, or upgrades.

With all of our work, our focus is to save you money by using GREEN products and methods. The More You Save, The Longer We Can All Survive.